Marco Schnabl released his debut album as a singer songwriter on August 12th 2016.

Having played as a session guitarist in London as well as in his former band, touring Europe and the US for the last 15 years, he decided to write his songs going back to his roots of rock, blues and soul.

He recorded this album in his private studio in Taranto, Italy, away from London where he lived from 1997 to 2010. He recorded and performed every single instrument on the album as well as writing all songs and lyrics (except "Time to go home" lyrics). He took care of the entire production, recording, mixing and mastering, making use of his skills achieved during the London years.

The album sees Marco expressing his true talent as a guitar player and singer/songwriter, in an elegant rock/soul key that at times recalls Ry Cooder, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd as well as Alice in Chains or King's X.

"This first album by a globetrotting artist is a winner. The bands of this contemporary genre tend to follow patterns already tracked by the distinguished elderly, but hardly fail to advance. Marco Schnabl understood to have no other way but the one reserved to him: sincerity".

Adrian Stork, Music Waves

Marco Schnabl vinyl album
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Here's the names of all of those who contributed to my successfull crowdfunding campaign. Thank you so couldn't have been possible without you all!!!

My parents, Enrico Schnabl and Maria Mairota.

My brother, Maurizio Schnabl.

Vitantonio Blasi, Barbara Schnabl, Leonardo La Porta, Giuseppe Zinno, Giorgio Casavola, Elena Schnabl, Daniela Emma, Fabio Nitti,Manlio Massimiliano Bianco, Pasquale Chionchio, Francesco Sbiroli, Cool Air, Libero Voccoli, Giovanni Bufano, Giovanni Nisi, Mauro Belloni, Roberto Buonfrate, Massimo Lentini, Giampiero Ranieri, Pasquale Narciso, Simone Mairo, Paola Mairota, Nicola Lamacchia, Angelo Dattuomo, Domenico Mairota, Saskia Slabbekoorn, Angela Dragone, Leone Pelle', Piero De Siati, Antonio Trunfio, Daniele Fusco, Massimo Fullone, Alessandra Cardia, Alessandra Basile, Michele Morelli, Dorie Ricci,Luigi Argentino, Rosaria Ragni, Andrea Airo', Marcello Buccolieri, Rocco Rametta, Franz Piombino, Ornella De Negri, Fabio Del Vecchio, Laura Cimaglia, Alessia Ambrosini, Rosanna Biffi, Piero Principale, Francesco D'Andria, Francesco Scelsa, Armando Cavallo, Luca Napoli, Pia Morea, Giusi Tagarelli, Stefania d'Andrea, Serena Cesaria, Flavia Albano, Domenico Ruggiero, Paolo Ruta, Lara Lippolis, Ettore Panetti, Angela Gaudio, Simona Giusti, Giorgia Buonsanti, Luciana D'Urso, Fabio Ambrosini, Fabiana Murray, Enrico Losito, Alessandro Guido, Gerry Capozza, Serena Cavaliere, Vincenza Sibilla, Daniele Carrano, Fulvia Gravame, Agostino Pastorino, Cataldo Convertino, Fabio Ascoli, Marcella Mairota, Marialicia Cianciaruso, Francesca Blasi, Ilaria Cinieri.